viernes, noviembre 27, 2009

The spouses of the visiting G-20 leaders

The spouses of the visiting G-20 leaders

Tennis * Ma Sharapova * Russia

Did you know...?
Did you know there is an angel in our planet who is a tennis champion? This special creature has been detected by some international journalists from different newspapers.
If you ever see her pass by let us know in order to arrest her - Why? - She just kidnapped our heart since the first ime we saw her at Wimbledon!


She's young, blond, very energetic, well shaped. She lost her wings when descending to our planet from heaven. She adopted the russian nationality and has a beautiful accent when communicates with humans.
How can you recognize her? He just have a special way to look at you like if the eleven thousand virgins were going to tell you something!

miércoles, noviembre 25, 2009

Conversation Club * English

What to do in a conversation club
01 - Speak only english during the session.
02 - Do not worry about errors.
03 - The session is not an exam but a friends meeting.
04 - Provide always an answer or comment.
05 - Recycle words and phrases you hear.
06 - Recycle sentences from previous sessions.
07 - If asked to, provide ideas, comments, etc.
08 - Be creative, productive and tolerant.
09 - Share a smile to everyone; listen to them.
10 - Make others think they must meet you again.

What not to do in a conversation club
01 - Interrupt constantly. Ask all the words you don't understand.
02 - Say ''I don't know'' during the session.
03 - Correct your classmates. Celebrate others errors.
04 - Refuse to participate or give answers.
05 - Ask or talk about items not related to the topic.
06 - Pretend you don't know. Expect explanations for everything.
07 - Stay too long to provide an answer.
08 - Fail to pay attention and to follow the rythm of the group.
09 - Try to teach your instructor.
10 - Monopolize your instructor for yourself.
Any student who shows any of the above must not be invited to participate ever again.

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Black Sun


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