The Who's Who List of Famous Explorers

The Who's Who List of Famous Explorers There were so many Famous Explorers during the Renaissance period it was referred to as the Age of Exploration. The 'Who's Who List of Famous Explorers' provides a list of the Names of Famous Explorers together with the Nationality of Famous Explorers, Lifespan dates and details of their famous Voyages of Exploration. The following facts and information chart the voyages, explorations, major accomplishments and achievements in this list of the most famous explorers:
Who's Who List of Famous Explorers
Names of ExplorersNationality Life spanFamous Voyage of Exploration
Sir Francis DrakeEnglish1540 - 1597Circumnavigates the World
Sir Walter RaleighEnglish1552 - 1618The  Discovery of Guiana and establishing the Virginia colony of Roanoke Island in 1584
Marco PoloItalian1254 - 1324Exploration of China and Asia
Ferdinand MagellanPortuguese1480 - 1521First voyage around the World 
Christopher ColumbusIta/ Spanish1451 - 1506Discovery of the New World
Francisco PizarroSpanish1478 - 1541Conquered the Incas of Peru
Amerigo VespucciIta/ Spanish1454 - 1512America was named after him
Vasco Nunez de BalboaSpanish1475 - 1519
1st to see the Pacific Ocean from its eastern shore
Vasco da GamaPortuguese1469 - 1524Discovery of an ocean route from Port to the East
Sir Humphrey GilbertEnglish1539 - 1583Established St Johns, Newfoundland
Juan Ponce de LeonSpanish1460 - 1521First European explorer in Florida
Sir Richard GrenvilleEnglish1542 - 1591Voyages to Virginia & Roanoke Island & the Azores 
Sir John HawkinsEnglish1532 - 1595Voyages to West Africa and S America 
Francisco Vasquez de CoronadoSpanish1510 - 1554
First to explore Arizona and N Mexico
Sir Martin FrobisherEnglish1535 - 1594Voyages to Labrador and Greenland
Hernando De SotoSpanish1500 - 1542First in Florida and South East America
Sir Richard HawkinsEnglish1562 - 1622Voyages to South America 
Hernando CortesSpanish1485 - 1547Mexico and the Aztec Empire
Bartolomeu DiasPortuguese1457 - 1500
1st to lead a 1487 voyage around the Cape of Good Hope 
Pedro Alvares CabralPortuguese1467 - 1520First Euro explorer to see Brazil in 1500
Giovanni da VerrazzanoItalian / French1485 - 1528
Explored the NE coast of N America from Cape Fear, N Carolina to Maine
Gaspar Corte RealPortuguese1450 - 1501Exploration of Greenland and the coast of Newfoundland 
John CabotIta/ English1450 - 1499
Exploring the coastline of Canada the subsequent colonization of Canada. Cabot was the second famous explorer to find North America (after Christopher Columbus)
Sebastian CabotIta / English1474 - 1557
Son of the famous explorer John Cabot. Searching for the NW passage across N America, attempting to circumnavigate the world and making expeditions to Russia
Jacques CartierFrench1491 - 1557Led 3 expeditions to Canada
Henry HudsonEnglish1565 - 1611Discovery of the  Hudson River 
Jacques MarquetteFrench1637 - 1675Discovered the Mississippi R & Canadian  Louis Joliet
Samuel de ChamplainFrench1567 - 1635Found Quebec City. Known as 'The Father of Canada'
Pedro Alvares CabralPortuguese1467 - 1520The first  to see Brazil in 1500
Cabeza de VacaSpanish1490 - 1557First to explore Texas & SW America
EstevanicoNorth African1500 - 1539Exploring Texas and SW America and heralded as having been “the first black man in North America.”
Panfilo de NarvaezSpanish1470 - 1528Exploration of Cuba leading an ill fated expedition to Florida & N America 
Fray Marcos de NizaIta / Spanish1495 - 1558Discovering the Pueblo tribe called the Zuni indians. Duped into believing the myth of the "Seven Golden Cities of Cibola"
Alonso Alvarez de PinedaSpanish1494 - 1519Believed to be the first European in Texas and proved that Florida was not an island
Juan de OnateSpanish1550 - 1630Established the colony of N Mexico for Spain
Lucas Vazquez de AyllonSpanish1475 - 1526Exp and of S Car and discoverer of Chesapeake Bay
Juan Rodriguez CabrilloSpanish1499 - 15431st exp to navigate the coast of  California in the US
Louis JolietCanadian1645 - 1700Explored the G Lakes & discovered the Mississippi R
Names of ExplorerNationality Life span Famous Voyage of Exploration
Who's Who List of Famous Explorers

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