Mi maestra se cree la novia de Tarzán * My favorite teacher...

 ''I have a great teacher... she's the femenine version of Indiana Jones. Her classes are always very exiting; it's really very difficult to get bored. I think Hollywood is just missing an important source for their stories. Someday, they're going to call her for a writers casting, or so. I'm pretty sure... '' 
She works at an Alligator's Farm when not teaching

She also collaborates with a museum out of town

Her little son is not easy to scare at all. Actually, he 
loves monsters stories before going to bed!
Flash Cards * Comenta con tu padre, (madre, hermano, vecino, etc) o profesor(a) el contenido de esta entrada, ya sea imágenes o texto. Utiliza las siguientes frases en inglés: a) What's this? ¿Qué es esto? b) How do you say ______ in english? c) How do you say ______ in spanish? c) How do you say ______ in french? My Homework Network * Non-Profit Learning Ring * Prof JML * Mexico

Palabras Monovocales * Слова с тем же гласным 

Monovowel words * Palabras Monovocales 
Palabras con la misma vocal * Mots avec la même voyelle * Parole con la stessa vocale * Palavras com a mesma vogal * Words with the same vowel * Wörter mit dem gleichen vokal * Слова с тем же гласным