Wild Reading Project

Help children discover the wild side of Reading

Local community group, Nature Nuture, are encouraging members of the public to pick up the phone and support their project to get children outside and exploring Reading’s underused parks and wild spaces.
The Wild Reading Project aims to help children and their families roam, play and learn in Reading’s many wild spaces. Many of Reading’s parks and woodlands are currently underused by members of the public: the project plans to get children engaged with the outdoors through workshops in schools, outdoor play days, conker contests, den building days and more.
To do all this Nature Nuture are asking for members of the public to help support them in making the project a reality. The Wild Reading Project has been shortlisted as a finalist for thePeople’s Millions –  an initiative provided by both the National Lottery and ITV where the public can vote on which community projects they would like to see funded. If successful, The Wild Reading Project will receive £50,000 to help make Reading go wild.
The grant will not only help fund school workshops and family days out but also the construction of a Wild Reading website with apps, maps and activities for every person in Reading to take full advantage of the wild spaces in the town.
Nature Nuture are a local Community Interest Company who work with heritage and conservation organisations, schools and local authorities to get children engaged with the arts, nature and heritage. Founder of Nature Nuture, Natalie Ganpatsingh said “We are so excited to be People’s Millions finalists and winning would help us to get more people out and enjoying Reading’s under used but beautiful open spaces. We really hope that people will pick up their phones so we win the money and get families out and having fun together in Reading’s great outdoors.”
To support the project you just need to pick up your phone on Monday 24th October when ITV reveals the special voting number and vote for the Wild Reading Project. You can pledge your support online to be notified via email when you are able to vote.


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